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Dog Behavior Modification

If your dog may be experiencing symptoms of aggressive behavior I will gladly give your dog a behavior assessment so that I may be able to evaluate the extremity of this behavior, and then assist you in correcting it. I have years of experience as a dog trainer and can handle just about anything and can help you gain control over your pet.

If you have a new puppy, you know they’re as cute as a button but can sometimes cause a ruckus in the house. I offer puppy training services to help you in beginning dog training to teach your new puppy proper housebreaking and behavior rules.

My philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that kindness is powerful. An effective balance of kindness, skill, and years of experience equates to a balanced and structured training philosophy geared toward uniting a dog and his handler.

If you are interested, contact me for a dog behavior modification consultation. I will happily show you how to have a healthy and educated relationship with your furry friend. I proudly serve the community of San Luis Obispo county so contact Ace Dog Training Services today!