Testimonials from clients for Ace Dog Training Services

"When I first sent my German Shepard to Brent's training program, I was very discouraged with Capone's learning ability but was shortly shown otherwise after Capone returned home from the boarding program. Before Capone went to Brent for boarding, he had issues with obedience, did not abide by boundary rules, was extremely disrespectful to our personal belongings and reactive to other dogs and people on leash. Upon returning home from the program and being trained personally by Brent, he no longer bothered us by following us around the house, respected our personal space as well as belongings nor did he greet us by jumping on us and biting us. Brent is an extremely thorough and competent trainer while treating Capone with love and affection. He obeyed Brent throughout the entire program, the only issues we had were our own capabilities, as humans to continue the training and commands. Thank you so much Brent. "
- Madison

"We sent our 8 month old Labrador, Stella to train with Brent for two weeks. During the 2 weeks while Stella was gone, Brent kept updating us on her progress by emailing pictures and videos. It was wonderful to see her transformation. When Stella returned, she was a totally different dog, calm and well behaved. She was able to perform all basic obedience commands on and off leash. Brent was also in the beginning stages of teaching Stella to retrieve and return a training bumper. We are very impressed with the skills she learned in such a short time. We highly recommend Brent and will call on him in the future."
- Keith & Wendi Hobbs

"I worked with Brent and my 2 rescue puppies over the course of a few months. We started with in home 1 on 1 training sessions and then moved both dogs separately to a board and train week with Brent and his pack. Prior to board and train the pups were exhibiting signs of fear aggression towards other dogs, unacceptable prey behavior towards my livestock, and overall disrespect of the humans they lived with. The results we received from Brent's training far exceeded my expectations and would recommend to anyone that is having behavior issues with their dogs, to seek Brent's help immediately, and change the relationship you have with your dog. I now have 11 month old pups that are respectful and obedient. They now look to me for leadership, and are much happier and calmer then before".
- Sharon Michelucci

" I would like to thank you for the exceptional training Happy our all white german shepard has received. She is becoming the best dog. We didn't realize how our actions caused unwanted behaviors. We also are coming to understand the complexity of a rescue and or german shepard. You are honest and well educated with dog breeds and training, it was awesome working with you. I appreciate your punctuality and quick call/email return, throughout the board and train. I also appreciated the beautiful progress, pics, and videos while Happy was away. You took the time not only for Happy's training, but time for us as dog owners. you gave me the confidence to work with Happy, despite my disabilities. We can't thank you and Ace enough! I highly recommend your services"

- Sincerely, Susan and Happy De Robbio

"I got a little 2lb dog (Chewy) but he grew and grew. Two years later and three dog trainers, I had a very large dog 110 lbs. that was uncontrollable. If any dog or person was close enough for Chewy to see he would get into fight mode and pull so had he would knock me down and drag me. I resorted to taking him outside between the hours of 9 pm and 6 am so I didn't get hurt or have Chewy hurt someone. I am a 67 yr old woman with lung cancer and I love Chewy very much, but I had to do something or I was going to get rid of him. That is when a miracle happened and I read Brent's Ace dog training web page. He took Chewy for 3 weeks and trained him using the e-collar. When Chewy came home he was like a new dog. Sending Chewy to Brent for training was the best thing I could have done. I would recommend Bren as a dog trainer to everyone. If I had to rate Brent on a scale from 1-10 as 1 being bad I would rate Brent as a 10. Thank you Brent for your hard work and faith in chewy, your a life saver"
- Connie

"When I first adopted Lily, she would lunge towards other dogs, cars, skateboarders and cyclists on walks. After two different attempts of basic obedience training, I knew I needed a person who understood her type of behavior. Brent took Lily in as a board and train and transformed her into a better dog. He was always available to answer any questions I had and taught me how to manage her behaviors. With a lot of training and love, Lily is on her way to becoming a great dog. If you are having any type of difficulty with your dog, I would highly recommend Brent to help you."
- Maria O'Reilly

"I hired Brent to work with our 3 yr old rescue dog this summer. We left her with him for three weeks while we went on vacation hoping that he would be able to address some of her bad habits and general "naughtiness". We had hired other trainers who used only positive reinforcement which for our stubborn dog had not worked at all so we decided to try something different. Brent uses a correction collar which has been amazing in training our dog, eliminating many bad behaviors easily. The dogs that Brent work with understand right away who is alpha male and he establishes a rapport with them quickly. He clearly loves and understands dogs and my dog for one, now loves him. Recently, I sent our dog back with Brent for a week of boarding and she could not have been happier to go with him. He sends texts and videos throughout your dogs stay which keeps owners updated on the dogs progress which is fun and reassuring to watch while away. I think that the best thing for me is that, when I leave my "not so perfect" dog with Brent, I don't have to worry about getting a bad report when I pick her up. He sees the good in the dog and the potential it has whereas when I used to board my dog at a local ranch, I would often receive depressing reports about every little thing she did wrong. She is a sweet dog with wonderful qualities but not perfect and I dreaded picking her up. It felt like when I used to go pick up my "not so perfect" children at preschool. Brent seems to love dogs unconditionally which makes leaving our dog with him very reassuring. He does stress that the bulk of the training is training the owners but there is a pay-off when your dog begins to recognize who is in control. I highly recommend Brent-he is easy to work with, and very flexible and has great integrity".
- Cheryl Biederman

"I've never been more pleased with the one on one hands on training that Brent teaches for Ace Dog Training. I have not been disappointed with the outcome. He works with all sorts of dogs. I highly recommend contacting him."
- Gabby L.